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Six Figure Freelancer Mastermind Magic

You have regular freelance gigs (and hopefully, regular paychecks) but you want to land new, bigger, better clients, break into more lucrative niches or hit the six figure mark in your business. Sound familiar? 

I was in the same place accepting the stagnating income that trickled in until I made some serious changes about raising rates, garnering anchor and retainer clients, and breaking income barriers that I didn’t even think were possible.

It’s been so successful I wanted to facilitate group masterminds where writers can come together virtually to solve writing business challenges, where you can re-inspire your career and move it to the next level, too.

Six Figure Freelancer Mastermind Magic can help you achieve your business goals. Whether you’re trying to hit six figures, find better paying gigs, up your productivity, or go where lucrative clients are likely to hire you, a Mastermind group can put you on the path.

Six Figure Freelancer Mastermind Magic gets you out of the isolation of your home office and into the virtual company of other talented, hungry writers who are striving to seize similar goals. Here, you’ll re-build a solid foundation and can reboot your business or work on what’s stagnant.

What is Six Figure Freelancer Mastermind Magic? Writers will meet one hour a week for six weeks via video conference for a no holds barred deep dive into your freelance writing business. Six of your peers will work through some aspect of their freelance writing business challenges and help you with yours.

It’s a place to collectively brainstorm your personal business hurdles in a small, transparent group of freelance and independent writing professionals with me as facilitator. We’ll talk money, we’ll talk clients, and we’ll talk about the best ways to get you where you want to go.

Upon applying to attend, I’ll send you an intake form with a few business questions about what you’re currently doing in your freelance writing business, what challenges you’re looking to mastermind, and where your strengths and weaknesses lie.

If we need to we can jump on a call to nail down the top issues you want to work on before the first mastermind.

Then you’ll meet weekly for a virtual mastermind session. Each week one member of the group will be in the hot seat, where they’ll describe the issue they have and the rest of us will brainstorm solutions for their issue, all the while receiving takeaways for issues of our own.

Masterminds are a way to garner career inspiration and personalized brainstorming magic to motivate you out of a rut, reinvigorate your writing business and put you on the path to accomplishing your business goals—resulting in better paying clients, more income and the perfect marketing plan specific to your business.

What you’ll gain? You’ll come away with concrete, ideas, support and suggestions for how to tackle your personal business challenges. Plus, you’ll benefit from the communal wisdom and experience of the other members.

6FFMM is a powerful mini-business incubator geared to break through your specific business blocks. You won’t get this level of personalized business support at any writing conference or seminar.

What happens after 6FFMM? Afterwards, you’ll stay in touch with both me and your mastermind writers via Facebook Group to continue the conversations, reach out to one another, meet members from other Mastermind events and follow up to see how the plans we put in place for your writing business is working.

About me? I was inspired to begin 6FFMM while hanging out with my writer tribe in New York City and realizing the sheer power, value and magic of a pooled group of independent writers.

I’ve been an independent business owner and writer for more than a decade first for consumer magazines and now for both consumer publications and content writing. I’ve been published in dozens of top consumer mags and write for some of the country’s most lucrative fortune 500 companies. Now, through 6FFMM, I want to help you achieve your goals.

Cost $250.00 for a six week mastermind

Contact me for more information about scheduling. Or see the latest 6FFMM newsletter for dates.

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